When and Where?

9:30am - 4:30pm, Saturday 4th June 2022
at Inshes Church, Inverness, IV23TW.
Speaker: Joe Barnard (plus a variety of church planting and revitalisation seminars).
Download the conference brochure for full details.

What and Why?

Across the North of Scotland many churches are closing, others are in rapid decline. Many communities are now sorely lacking a Biblically faithful, evangelistically oriented local church. Consequently, there is a desperate need for existing churches to be revitalised and new congregations to be planted across our region. The Northern Light conference hopes to serve as a catalyst for Biblically faithful church revitalisation and church planting across the North of Scotland.

To be clear the conference does not aim to start a new formal network either for revitalisation or planting, neither will the conference plant or revitalise any churches directly! However, we hope that, by bringing people together and moving these vital issues up the agenda, the event will act as a catalyst or stimulus this work across our region.

Who? (Team)

The Northern Light Steering Group is made up of leaders with affiliations to denominations and networks including the Free Church of Scotland, the Church of Scotland, the Baptist Union, FIEC, Acts29 and 20Schemes.

Chris Davidson (Merkinch Free Church)
Pete Rennie (Living Hope Church, Inverness)
Peter Turnbull (Burghead Free Church)
Kenny Ross (Culloden Baptist)
Kenny Rogan (Hope Church Aveimore)
David Scott (Inches Church of Scotland)
James Torrens (Highland International Church - IPC)

Who? (Our Speaker)

Currently serving as Minister at Holyrood Evangelical church, Joe was previously involved in church revitalisation in the highlands. He is also the Executive Director of Cross Training Ministries, a discipleship ministry focusing on developing men into spiritual leaders. He is married and has four children.

Other Seminars include: "How to train your dragon" (Chris Davidson), "How to eat a Horse" (Peter Turnbull), "How to Skin a Cat" (Pete Rennie).

Download the conference brochure for full details.

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